'A Parody' By Branwell Bronte

A Parody by Branwell Bronte
@The Bronte Society
Bronte Parsonage Museum (shelfmark B28)

"Jack Shaw the guardsman and Jack painter of norfolk,"

question - "the half minute time is up, so come to the scratch; won't you?"
answer  - "Blast your eyes,  it's no use, for I cannot come!"

I find Branwell's  sketch a fascinating glimpse into his mind, humor and psyche.
Here we have a young man in bed quite sickly but just look at those muscular arms!
The death skeleton hand on nose or face mocking almost. I mean, its a parody Branwell writes so how seriously do we look at his drawing? 

Branwell drew this the year he died but what was his message? 

I just wanted to share this drawing because it casts so many thoughts of a young, talented man gone too soon.

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