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The Writing of Emily Sellwood (nee Tennyson) Lady Tennyson (9 July 1813 – 10 August 1896)

Emily Sarah (née Sellwood), Lady Tennyson by William Jeffrey, NPG During the Summer of 1849, one year to the day before she married Alfred Tennyson, still spinster, Emily Sellwood, wrote 'unfinished'stories she kept handwritten in blue colored notebooks, now archived at Tennyson Research Centre, Lincolnshire,County Offices, Lincoln, England.  I would like to share two excerpts with you here. One of the Tennyson grandchildren recalled how his grandmother Emily was staying at a place in Lincoln called Hale House and Tennyson was staying at an old inn  in Farnham and walked daily across the Market Place past the castle to visit her. For Emily, the appeal of Hale House was that it was a 'wild region with its heather-scented air.' These stories have no titles but deal with two different women.  From the Madeline story: For many a day, yes, many and many a month had she schooled her sadness and gone cheerfully about her daily tasks, making these as many and eng

Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson Letters from 1884

Lewis Carroll by Unknown photographer,albumen print, circa 1852-1860   From Bonhams:  Autograph letter signed and subscribed "Your affectionate/ old blue stone", to a child friend, Hettie [Hobson]: "Thanks for your nice little note. But I do so hate saying 'good-bye' I wasn't very sorry to miss doing it"; and sending his love Nellie (Her sister), 1 page, on mourning paper, slight browning, written in Dodgson's characteristic purple ink, on mourning paper, integral blank, slight browning etc., 8vo Christ Church, Oxford, 9 November 1884, Sold for £937 (US$ 1,505) inc. premium. Footnotes:  Dodgson famously used to write in his diary against particularly important days – such as that when he first met Alice – 'I will mark this day with a white stone'. We have however found no reference to the blue variety; no doubt the reference is to some game he had played that August at Eastbourne with the Hobso

Let's go to Paris, France, to see Desirs & Volupte Victorian Masterpieces From the Perez Simon collection 13 September 2013-20 January 2014

Currently exhibiting right now at Jacquemart-Andre Museum, Paris, France, is an eight room exhibit broken-up into various themes wherein painting's from Masters such as: J.W. Waterhouse, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and underlings in magnificence such as: John Meluish Strudwick and John William Godward can be seen up close and personal! I wanted to bring the beauty to all of you... Each of the eight rooms contains painting's representing various themes; some of which have not been displayed in decades. I will list all of the paintings here and focus on the main attractions and my favorites!  Here's what I mean... In Room 1: Antiquity revisited:  A total of five paintings depicting scenes from Greek and Roman Antiquity with four paintings by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and one by Edwin Long. Specifically, these paintings... Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912) , The Roses of Heliogabalus,  Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912) , Agrippina with