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A review of Beauty In Thorns by Kate Forsyth

A spellbinding reimagining of  ‘Sleeping Beauty’  set amongst the wild bohemian circle of Pre-Raphaelite artists and poets.  The Pre-Raphaelites were determined to liberate art and love from the shackles of convention.  Ned Burne-Jones had never had a painting lesson and his family wanted him to be a parson. Only young Georgie Macdonald – the daughter of a Methodist minister – understood. She put aside her own dreams to support him, only to be confronted by many years of gossip and scandal.  Dante Gabriel Rossetti was smitten with his favourite model, Lizzie Siddal. She wanted to be an artist herself, but was seduced by the irresistible lure of laudanum.  William Morris fell head-over-heels for a ‘stunner’ from the slums, Janey Burden. Discovered by Ned, married to William, she embarked on a passionate affair with Gabriel that led inexorably to tragedy.  Margot Burne-Jones had become her father’s muse. He painted her as Briar Rose, the focus of his most renowned series of p