Thursday, December 22, 2016

A review of The Reception of Alfred Tennyson in Europe

Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) has often been considered a particularly British writer in part as his official post as Poet Laureate inevitably committed him to a certain amount of patriotic writing. This volume focuses on his impact on the continent, presenting a major scholarly analysis of Tennyson's wider reception in different areas of Europe. It considers reader and critical responses and explores the effect of his poetry upon his contemporaries and later writers, as well as his influence upon illustrators, painters and musicians. The leading international contributors raise questions of translation and publication and of the choices made for this purpose along with the way in which his ideas and style influenced European writing and culture. Tennyson's reputation in Anglophone countries is now assured, following a decline in the years after his death. This volume enables us to chart the changes in Tennyson's European reputation during the later 19th, 20th and 21st centuries

Published: 11-17-2016
Format: E Pub Book Edition: 1st Extent: 416 ISBN: 9781350012530 
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic Series: The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe 
Illustrations: 9 b/w illustrations List price: $201.99

This new edition is for every person who loves the poetry and dramas of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (6 August 1809 – 6 October 1892). His early poetry and major works are analyzed, dissected, by the nineteenth-century critics of the day from France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Russia and Bulgaria. Translations of his works are included which is fascinating to read. You can see the changes made to tone and content depending upon the European regional dialects. I really enjoyed discovering the various viewpoints of not only Lord Tennyson's works but many personal positive and negative opinions shared about the poet laureate during his lifetime.  

It is always difficult for me, personally, to read the negative critiques of the man vs. his works because I know how sensitive and empathetic he was. As with every artist, we do not like to always read the 'bashing' of our heartfelt writings. He took everything to heart and kept it inside. Anyway, this edition does very well in providing the reader with a well-rounded viewpoint. It is up to each person to take away from it what they will. If you love reading his major works, from the European standpoint it is here in full. If you enjoy learning more about the reviews of his works then they are here as well. 

This edition made for fascinating reading because it helped me view the poet laureate from a different perspective and I always learn new things about poets and writers of the nineteenth-century.  

Thank you to Bloomsbury Academic for your ebook review edition. 

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