Saturday, May 29, 2021

A brand new biography about the woman known as the mother of Virginia Woolf: Julia Prinsep Stephen (7 February 1846-5 May 1895)

This is just a quick post filled with details about a biography I am currently reading. You cannot buy it online in book or even kindle or ebook form. Hopefully, in future.  However, read the details below to find out how to read this fantastic biography online for yourself!  I am reading every chapter as slowly as possible because I don't want it to end...

I WILL PROVIDE THE LINK BELOW TO MARION DELL'S WEBSITE, so you can read the biography at will. 

Image taken from website, The Elusive Julia Prinsep Stephen
care of Marion Dell

 So, who was Julia Prinsep Stephen besides being called, 'The mother of Virginia Woolf' (and also Vanessa Bell)?  Dr. Marion Dell, Vice-Chairman of the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain has written a brand new biography where you can learn as much about her life as you would like. Dr. Dell's stunning and impeccable research has brought Julia Stephen refreshingly to life; so much so, you would swear she is standing in front of you narrating her life story herself. 

Of course, there was more to Julia Prinsep Stephen then her famous children (or child). Her lineage dates back to not only the Prinseps but also the Pattles of Calcutta. Her aunt was photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron and she lived during a time of great poets i.e. Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and authors as Henry James and Charles Dickens. William Makepeace Thackeray, author of Vanity Fair bears a very important connection and mention but you'll have to read Dr. Dell's biography to find out more...

Book cover created by Dr. Marion Dell. 
Image taken from her website, The Elusive Julia Prinsep Stephen

There are several sections and tabs on the website filled with all kinds of background information to the author, Dr. Marion Dell as well as her previous books which are Bloomsbury and Virginia Woolf related.  Marion has been uploading several chapters at a time under the Biography tab on her website. So far, the first four chapters are available to read. Take a poke around and I really hope you like what you find. 

To read, A Vision of Beauty by Marion Dell,  The Elusive Julia Prinsep Stephen

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