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Happy Wedding Anniversary William and Jane Morris!

May Morris standing at the gate on the grounds outside Kelmscott Manor

In Celebration of William Shakespeare on his birthday (April 23, 1564-1616)


Research Led Me Here...(Jane Morris, The Howards & Tennyson)

While reading The Collected Letters of Jane Morris, I found it interesting getting to know Jane Morris much better and shedding some light on such an elusive woman. In her letters written within the year 1870, she mentions close friends George and Rosalind Howard. I'm not familiar with either of them but two things stood out to me: George (James) Howard was the 9th Earl of Carlisle and painted a portrait of Jane and William Morris' daughters Jenny and May Morris. Also, another residence was mentioned Naworth Castle.

As usual, I did some digging and thanks to modern technology and International archives, I found some photos of The Howards along with a very close personal friend, Alfred Tennyson!  A photograph of him I have never seen before. I'll add the link as well later on in the post. 

GEORGE HOWARD, 9TH DUKE OF CARLISLE AND HIS WIFE ROSALIND outside Castle Howard, Photograph housed at Sothebys
George James Howard (1843-1911), later 9th Earl of Carlisle, was Liberal MP…

The Luminist by David Rocklin: A Review: