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Found (For A Picture) painting and sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Found A Study for the Woman's Head - Woman's Head With Eyes Open. Hair Straight, Unlike In The Finished Study. Birmingham Museum. 1853-1857. Study in for  Found , black and brown ink and wash with white heightening on paper. Signed with monogram DGR and dated 1853, Birmingham Museum.   Was Elizabeth Siddal the original model for Rossetti’s painting, ‘Found’?  These two drawings look very much like Lizzie dated 1853 Birmingham Museum. Rossettis poem Found (for a picture) dates 1848-1881 from Sonnets and Fragments by DGR (bound manuscript Volume). Princeton University. In the end, the model in his oil painting of Found was Fanny Cornforth his housekeeper.  Found by Dante Gabriel Rossetti was  Designed 1853; begun 1859; unfinished,  oil  on canvas, Delaware Art Museum, USA Found  (For a Picture.) By Dante Gabriel Rossetti  “There is a budding morrow in midnight:”— So sang our Keats, our English nightingale. And here, as lamps across the bridge turn pale In London's smokeless r

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