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Kate Mosse The Burning Chambers book event Strand Bookstore

My beautiful review copy of  The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse  Thank you Minotaur Books, USA
Book Event:  Kate Mosse with Madeline Miller at Strand Books, New YorkDate: Wednesday 26 June
Time: 7pm
Venue: Strand Books, 828 Broadway at 12th Street, New York, NY 10003
Nineteen-year-old Minou Joubert receives an anonymous letter at her father’s bookshop. Sealed with a distinctive family crest, it contains just five words: She knows that you live. But before Minou can decipher the mysterious message, a chance encounter with a young Huguenot convert, Piet Reydon, changes her destiny forever. For Piet has a dangerous mission of his own, and he will need Minou’s help if he is to stay alive. As the religious divide deepens, and old friends become enemies, Minou and Piet both find themselves trapped in Toulouse, facing new dangers as tensions ignite across the city. All the while, the shadowy mistress of Puivert Château — obsessed with uncovering the secrets of a long-hidden document — strength…

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