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Remembering my Mom on her birthday

My mom was born on this day in 1942 and passed away from complications to Diabetes one month after my twentieth birthday in 1991. I usually don't share much of my private life but I wanted her to be remembered not only as my mom and best friend but to somehow form a glimpse of who she was. I've written this down it's not a poem or long article but here goes anyway.

It's called, 'Capricorn Girl'

Donna was a shy Capricorn girl born with a spirit of fire and the soul of a tender hearted creative artist. She grew up in 1950s New York City surrounded by Doo Wop and American Bandstand. She studied jazz, tap, and ballet by the time she was nine years old. By age ten, she took diction lessons and memorized Shakespeare's monologues. She adored Audrey Hepburn and was in love with James Dean. Donna was her name, Ooh Donna, Ooh Donna.

Her childhood was far from idyllic. Born with secrets shared with her introverted daughter years later. Secrets I will take to the grav…

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