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Remembering Elizabeth Siddal (Mrs.Rossetti) on her birthday!

Elizabeth Siddal self-portrait 1853-4, oil on canvas, 9 inch diameter Her initials EES 1853-4 written in her own hand. Very hard to see I know.  You can see it above in the self-portrait
At Last By Elizabeth Siddal
O mother, open the window wide
And let the daylight in;
The hills grow darker to my sight
And thoughts begin to swim.

And mother dear, take my young son,
(Since I was born of thee)
And care for all his little ways
And nurse him on thy knee.

And mother, wash my pale pale hands
And then bind up my feet;
My body may no longer rest
Out of its winding sheet.

And mother dear, take a sapling twig
And green grass newly mown,
And lay them on my empty bed