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My Review of Elizabeth & Leicester: Power, Passion, Politics by Sarah Gristwood

Book Description Few relationships fire the imagination like that of Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley-the love affair immortalized in Philippa Gregory's THE VIRGIN'S LOVER-but nearly fifty years have passed since we have seen a dual biography that explores the truth about their lifelong love. This is a gripping, unconventional account of one of history's most fascinating alliances. No one knows quite when and where their relationship began-though Leicester once said he'd known Elizabeth since she was eight years old-but soon after she became queen, she scandalized the royal court with her passionate obsession with the married courtier. When Dudley's wife mysteriously died two years later, there was rampant speculation that Elizabeth and Dudley would marry. Instead, over the next three decades, they formed a strikingly modern working partnership and an intimate bond of mutual dependence. Throughout his life, Robert advised Elizabeth, serving as