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The Unforgetting by Rose Black: A Book Review

Her fate was decided. Her death foretold. Her past about to be unforgotten. When Lily Bell is sold by her father to a ‘Professor of Ghosts’ to settle a bad debt, she dreams of finding fame on the London stage. But Erasmus Salt wants Lily not as an actress, but his very own ghost – the heart of his elaborate illusion for those desperate for a glimpse of the spirit world… Obsessed with perfection, Erasmus goes to extreme lengths to ensure his illusion is realistic. When Lily comes across her own obituary in the paper, and then her headstone in the cemetery, she realises she is trapped, her own parents think she is dead, and that her fate is soon to become even darker… Publisher: Orion Published: January 9th, 2020 Format: Hardcover Victorian Gothic Erasmus Salt is a deeply troubled man. When you meet his father you’ll understand his fascination with young girls. He calls himself a ‘Professor of Ghosts.’ You will have to find out for yourself about his deep interest in ghosts

Review: The Rossettis in Wonderland by Dinah Roe

The Rossettis in Wonderland by Dinah Roe The exiled Italian poet Gabriele Rossetti arrived in London in 1824 with a few letters of introduction, little money and less English. But within one generation, he would bequeath his new city with a remarkable cultural legacy through the accomplishments of his children. This is the family biography of Matriarch, Gabriele Rossetti, his wife, Frances Rossetti (Polidori), their four children: Dante Gabriel Rossetti,Maria Rossetti, Christina Rossetti, and Willliam Michael Rossetti.  Paperback ,  412 pages Published November 2011 by Haus Publishing ISBN  1907822011  ISBN13:  97819078 The P.R.B by  Christina Georgina Rossetti The P.R.B. is in its decadence:— for Woolner in Australia cooks his chops; And Hunt is yearning for the land of Cheops; D. G. Rossetti shuns the vulgar optic; While William M. Rossetti merely lops His B.s in English disesteemed as Coptic; Calm Stephens in the twilight smokes