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My Three Tudor Queen Articles: Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I

Article 1 Anne Boleyn Thye Most Happy I firmly believe Anne Boleyn stood out to Henry VIII not only for her rumoured beauty but because she was unlike any British born woman he had ever met. This is partly the reason why she is still being talked about to this day. During her adolescent years, Anne Boleyn was groomed and educated in the Netherlands and France by three very influential women: Archduchess Margaret of Austria, Henry VIII’s sister Margaret Tudor, who was betrothed to French King Louis XII of France, and Queen Claude of France. She served as a maid of honor or junior attendant but not yet a lady-in-waiting. By the time she returned to England and met Henry VIII she was every bit a French Lady. She was a walking, talking contradiction of what a Sixteenth Century woman was supposed to be. She was up on the latest politics of the day and had no qualms about taking part in political debates with both sexes no matter their status. She was very well read and often took it up