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In Search of Alfred Tennyson: My week in Lincolnshire continued.

   Alfred Tennyson by Julia Margaret Cameron, albumen print, 1866. Original at Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. Copy National Media Museum. My first day in Lincolnshire found me staying in Bag Enderby and had already included a complete tour of Somersby Rectory. Now, it was time to visit its capital city of Lincoln. We had an appointment with Grace, Collections Access Officer, at Tennyson Research Centre.   I couldn’t believe that once again, I was finally going to walk through a door into a room filled with Alfred Tennyson original material i.e., albumen prints, letters, poetry volumes, complete works,   photographic images of his sons Hallam and Lionel Tennyson.   Even housed under glass was a small daguerreotype of Elizabeth Fytche Tennyson (18 May, 1780-1865), Alfred’s mother along with his pipe, Lionel’s hair and many other mementos.    Before I could sit down, Grace was making sure I had everything in front of me that I had previously requeste

Documentary The Circle of the Hills, a biography of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Currently, the only documentary biography of Alfred, Lord Tennyson is this one, The Circle of the Hills. Only on VHS, remember them? There are two copies uploaded to YouTube. One of them I am sharing linked above. It is one hour long and very well done. It profiles the Victorian-era poet laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892). Immensely popular in his own time, he's probably best known to Americans for his rousing historical poem {-The Charge of the Light Brigade}. The biography features footage of British locales, including Tennyson's birthplace, Lincolnshire, and his later home on the Isle of Wight. Highlights include paintings and photographs from contemporary photographer Julia Margaret Cameron and readings of Tennyson's work by actor David Collings.(New York Times) desciption. Title: The Circle of the Hills: A Biography of Alfred, Lord Tennyson Running Time: 61 Minutes Genre: Biography 1993

In Search of Alfred Tennyson (6 August, 1809-6 October, 1892) Kimberly's Adventures in Lincolnshire!

Happy Birthday Alfred Tennyson! My journey with Alfred Tennyson was born because I wanted to know who this bearded and cloaked man truly was. Was he a child prodigy? What was the impact on growing up in a large family in a village so secluded and somewhat isolated from big industrial cities? Do you remain autonomous? Do you learn to socialize outside of your own siblings? How do you cope with such a country lifestyle? What is the impact on such an impressionable boy?    Well, one needs only to look to Tennyson’s ‘Juvenilia’ his early poetry written during the 1830s first published in Poems Chiefly Lyrical. For instance, you will find, Ode To Memory , The Mystic , The Grasshopper, The Kraken , etc. However, one early poem stands out to me and perhaps provides a rare glimpse into the psyche of a young twenty year old Alfred Tennyson,  To ­ ­ ("My life is full...") I All good things have not kept aloof Nor wandered into other ways: I have not lacked t

On sale now The Belgae Torc by Kevin Marsh!

Photograph by Kevin Marsh On sale for the month of August in kindle on Amazon UK and US  is The Belgae Torc by Kevin Marsh. One of my favorite novels I implore you if you love Celtic history this is a must buy!  Still not sure, alright, here's my review, "I happen to love Celtic history whether it be Irish, English, Welsh, French and even Italian Celtic history of The Gauls. So, when I read The Belgae Torc, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Author, Kevin Marsh writes with detailed beauty and clarity about the many characters and history you'll find here. The story was engaging, and I found myself wanting to do some research about this 'Belgae Torc'. If you enjoy historical stories that are intriguing and dramatic with a well written plot and even humor, then I encourage you to give The Belgae Torc a try. I would recommend it to all my friends who enjoy Celtic history." England 50 BC - A Celtic

My First Talk 'Why Tennyson' at Mrs. Middleton's Shop!

For the past two weeks I have been travelling through Somersby, Bag Enderby, in Lincolnshire, England, with friends Debbie Jenner of Tennyson's Birthplace on Facebook. She is a fantastic person with such depth and knowledge of Alfred Lord Tennyson and his early life.  It was a privilege to stay with her and share all things Tennyson related.  Along for the ride was Isle of Wight resident and friend, Evie Hodgson of Tennyson Cottages and Farm in Freshwater, Isle of Wight.  While there, I met another pen friend and shop owner of Mrs. Middleton's Shop, Gail Middleton.  She asked me if I wanted to give a talk on one of the questions I am most asked in person, 'Why Tennyson'? So, for the first time ever so far, I found myself sitting at her table inside her shop answering that question amongst other things. There was a lot of construction going on that day, so unfortunately, you will hear drilling noises in the background.  Thank you to Gail Middleton for asking and inviti