My First Talk 'Why Tennyson' at Mrs. Middleton's Shop!

For the past two weeks I have been travelling through Somersby, Bag Enderby, in Lincolnshire, England, with friends Debbie Jenner of Tennyson's Birthplace on Facebook. She is a fantastic person with such depth and knowledge of Alfred Lord Tennyson and his early life.  It was a privilege to stay with her and share all things Tennyson related.  Along for the ride was Isle of Wight resident and friend, Evie Hodgson of Tennyson Cottages and Farm in Freshwater, Isle of Wight.  While there, I met another pen friend and shop owner of Mrs. Middleton's Shop, Gail Middleton.  She asked me if I wanted to give a talk on one of the questions I am most asked in person, 'Why Tennyson'?

So, for the first time ever so far, I found myself sitting at her table inside her shop answering that question amongst other things. There was a lot of construction going on that day, so unfortunately, you will hear drilling noises in the background.  Thank you to Gail Middleton for asking and inviting me to give this talk on Why Tennyson?

It is my first talk, so I am still in the process of learning the ins and outs of speaking in public, in a public forum, especially while being  videotaped!  NOTE TO SELF:  try not to make so many facial expressions!  I had no idea! Its rough folks but natural and off the cuff.  I hope my passion, as always, comes through.  I will only get better in time and lots of practice.