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In Charlotte Bronte’s Own Words

Charlotte Bronte My Father is a Clergyman of limited though competent income, and I am the eldest of his children-He expended quite as much in my education as he could afford in justice to the rest. I thought it therefore my duty when I left school to become a Governess-In that capacity I find enough to occupy my thoughts all day long, and my head and hands too, without having a moment’s time for one dream of the imagination. In the evenings I confess I do think but I never trouble any one else with my thoughts. I carefully avoid any appearance of pre-occupation and eccentricity-which might lead those I live amongst to suspect the nature of my pursuits.  I have endeavored not only attentively to observe all the duties a woman ought to fulfill, but to feel deeply interested in them-I don’t always succeed, for sometimes when I’m teaching, and sewing I’d far rather be reading and writing; but I try to deny myself-and my father’s approbation has hitherto amply rewarded me for the pr


Julia Margaret Cameron fans:  I’m excited for this one! Upcoming publication by Unicorn Publishing Group, in the UK,September 2020. Light and Love THE REMARKABLE DEVELOPMENTS OF JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AND MARY HILLIER By Kirsty Stonell Walker. Book Description When fourteen year old Mary Hillier delivered a message to Julia’s door little did she know what her life would become. Beginning as Julia’s parlour maid Mary went on to become the photographer’s leading model and the focus of the artist’s creative passion. For Julia, Mary personified the heavenly qualities of her quiet corner of England. For Mary, Julia’s influence would echo throughout her life. This is a biography of two women who experienced beauty, love, loss and fame, and created photographs that, in Julia’s own words ‘should electrify you with delight and startle the world’. Spanning the French Revolution until the 1930s, Light and Love tells the story of a rare partnership of a pioneer and her muse and how the

To the Influenza by JM Barrie

To the Influenza by JM Barrie Written or Published Around October 4, 1892. The time has come for you to leave this house. Seventeen days ago you foisted yourself upon me, and since then we have been together night and day. You were unwelcome and uninvited, and you made yourself intensely disagreeable. We wrestled, you and I, but you attacked me unawares in the back, and you threw me. Then, like the ungenerous foe that you are, you struck me while I was down. However, your designs have failed. I struggle to my feet and order you to withdraw. Nay, withdraw is too polite a word. Your cab is at the door; get out. But, stop, a word with you before you go. Most of your hosts, I fancy, run you out of their houses without first saying what they think of you. Their one desire is to be rid of you. Perhaps they are afraid to denounce you to your face. I want, however, to tell you that I have been looking forward to this moment ever since you put me to bed. I said little while I was there,