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Mr. Turner movie reviewed!

a page from JMW Turner's sketchbook, Tate Gallery, UK

Mary Anderson (1859-1940) as Hermione from A Winter's Tale

Mary Anderson (Mrs de Navarro) as Hermione in 'The Winter's Tale'by Henry Herschel Hay Cameron (later The Cameron Studio) (son of photographer Julia Margaret Cameron), published by London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company, matte collodion printing-out paper panel card, 1887, NPG, UK

"There is so much beauty in the comedy of A Winter's Tale-so much thought, character, humour, philosophy, sweetly serene feeling and loveliness of poetic language-that the public ought to feel obliged to any one who successfully restores it to the stage, from which it usually is banished. The piece was written in the maturity of Shakespeare's marvellous powers, and indeed some of the Shakespearean scholars believe it to be the last work that fell from his hand. Human life, as depicted in A Winter's Tale, shows itself like what it always seems to be in the eyes of patient, tolerant, magnanimous experience-the eyes "that have kept watch o'er man's mor…

Capturing Christmas in the Netherlands with Anton Pieck ( Dutch, 1895-1987)


Signor makes a home on the Isle of Wight 1871-1875

G.F. Watts painting Ariadne, 1888-89 Watts Gallery

Mr.Turner Arriving Soon!

Movie Trailer for Mr. Turner
Mr. Turner has already been released in the U.K. and reviewed by numerous newspapers.  I have been avoiding all reviews and any mention of the movie until it is released here in the U.S. The release date will be December 19th, 2014. I will be going to see it immediately if not sooner with friends.  I have watched the trailer and am very excited to see the Royal Academy being represented in the movie. The museum shots got me very excited to say the least! The scenery looks beautiful, on land and on water.  I love the paintings of J.M.W. Turner but don't know very much about his life. So, I can watch Mr. Turner with the freedom of not recognizing any changes or 'mistakes' I feel the filmakers might have made. This will come after viewing the movie. I will then review it in full here.  This is just  a quick update and to my friends across the U.K., if you have already seen Mr. Turner, please feel free to comment but please no spoilers would be ap…