Lord Leighton's Flaming June comes to The Frick Collection in NYC!

Frederic Leighton (1830–1896), Flaming June, ca. 1895. Oil on canvas. Museo de Arte de Ponce. 

Future Exhibition

Leighton’s Flaming June
June 9, 2015 to September 6, 2015

At the end of his career, the British artist Frederic Leighton painted the now-iconic image of a sleeping woman in a vivid orange gown. This nineteenth-century masterpiece embodies the modern philosophy of “art for art’s sake,” the belief that the value of art lies in its aesthetic qualities rather than in its subject matter. The sensuously draped figure — freed from any narrative context — is integrated into a harmonious ensemble of rhythmic lines and radiant color. On loan from the Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico, Flaming June makes its first public appearance in New York City, exhibited alongside the Frick’s four full-length portraits by James McNeill Whistler, another major proponent of “art for art’s sake.”

This exhibition is organized by Susan Grace Galassi, Senior Curator at The Frick Collection, and will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with essays by Galassi and by Pablo Pérez d’Ors, Associate Curator of European Art, Museo de Arte de Ponce. The exhibition is made possible by The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation and Mr. and Mrs. Juan A. Sabater. (The Frick Collection)

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This has always been one of my most favorite paintings. I have a small canvas gold framed on my wall in my livingroom. The colors are so absolutely beautiful; the soft aqua blue, oranges, whites and yellows, deep browns, all combining beautifully for one gorgeously serene depiction of a woman sleeping.


Hels said…
I love this painting too. Hell, I love all of Lord Leighton paintings!

And not only because the value of art lies in its aesthetic qualities rather than in its subject matter. There is something so peaceful and feminine about this work - the lines are gorgeous and the colours rich. And because Leighton does his typical water view and flowery background.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful. Now one of my most favorite paintings.
Kevin Marsh said…
One of my favourite paintings.
Kimberly Eve said…
Thank you all for your comments. You can expect a full review with photos!