Let's Get Julia Margaret Cameron on the £20 Note!

“Mrs. Cameron exhibits her series of out-of-focus portraits of celebrities. We must give this lady credit for daring originality, but at the expense of all other photographic qualities. A true artist would employ all the resources at his disposal in whatever branch of art he might practice. In these pictures all that is good in photography has been neglected, and the shortcomings of the art are prominently exhibited. We are sorry to  have to speak thus severely on the works of a lady, but we feel compelled to do so in the interest of the art.”  The Photographic Journal, Volume 9, February 15, 1865, pg.196

In response, Julia Margaret Cameron herself explains, “I exhibited as early as May ’65. I sent some photographs to Scotland-a head of Henry Taylor, with the light illuminating the countenance in a way that cannot be described; a Raphaelesque Madonna, called “La Madonna Aspettante.” These photographs still exist, and I think they cannot be surpassed. They did not receive the prize. Artists, however, immediately crowned me with laurels, and though “Fame” is pronounced “The last infirmity of noble minds,” I must confess that when those whose judgment I revered have valued and praised my works, “my heart has leapt up like a rainbow in the sky,” and I have renewed all my zeal. 

The Photographic Society of London in their Journal would have dispirited me very much had I not valued that criticism at its worth. It was unsparing and too manifestly unjust for me to attend to it. The more lenient and discerning judges gave me large space upon their walls which seemed to invite the irony and spleen of the printed notice.” Annals of my Glass House by Julia Margaret Cameron 1874

 I am here simply as a humble subject and ardent admirer of pioneering nineteenth-century photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron nee Pattle (11 June 1815 – 26 January 1879). Bank of England is currently looking for nominations for a face to add on their upcoming £20 note. Julia Margaret Cameron is just one of five women, female artists, nominated. However, she is the one in my heart I truly would love to see make it on their currency. 

Voting can be done worldwide. I live in New York City and have already voted. I hope you will do the same. I am here to simply help spread the word on behalf of a woman who truly inspires me to never lose sight of who I am and to follow my heart when it comes to finding my passion. She was known for being outspoken and living her life on her own terms. She was a true support system for her friends and always there to help them in any way. Alright, so her friends happen to be some of the world's most incredible poets and painters. Still, she was there to help in anyway she could. So, now its time to help her! You can vote until July 19, 2015.

I hope you will click the link and vote, Bank of England

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  It is the face of Julia Margaret Cameron featured on that £20 note 
you can find it here:
Henry Herschel Hay Cameron, 'Julia Margaret Cameron', albumen print from wet collodion-on-glass negative, 1874. Museum no. 18-1939, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Including her own handwriting and signature on the bottom of the photograph!


Hels said…
What a brilliant idea. I voted for a woman straight away :)
When will the results be revealed?
Kimberly Eve said…
Hi Hels,
Thanks for voting. I'm not sure how long after 19 July the announcement will be made. We will have to wait and see. How exciting!
Kevin Marsh said…
An interesting idea, but there is already a very strong female character on the twenty pound note, on all of our notes infact. :-)
Kimberly Eve said…
I understand Kevin but this image would be on the back side of the twenty pound note. Her majesty will stay put and the twenty pound note will have two greats on it!