Mr.Turner Arriving Soon!

Movie Trailer for Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner has already been released in the U.K. and reviewed by numerous newspapers.  I have been avoiding all reviews and any mention of the movie until it is released here in the U.S. The release date will be December 19th, 2014. I will be going to see it immediately if not sooner with friends.  I have watched the trailer and am very excited to see the Royal Academy being represented in the movie. The museum shots got me very excited to say the least! The scenery looks beautiful, on land and on water.  I love the paintings of J.M.W. Turner but don't know very much about his life. So, I can watch Mr. Turner with the freedom of not recognizing any changes or 'mistakes' I feel the filmakers might have made. This will come after viewing the movie. I will then review it in full here.  This is just  a quick update and to my friends across the U.K., if you have already seen Mr. Turner, please feel free to comment but please no spoilers would be appreciated!  

See what I mean...lusciousness...

Mr. Turner depicts the last 25 years in the life of revered British artist J.M.W. Turner. Timothy Spall plays Turner and as the years roll by, the film explores his close relationship with his beloved father, his fractious relationship with the wider artistic community of the time, and his travels across Britain in search of inspiration.


Laura Morrigan said…
Wow! Sounds exciting! I am a big fan of his art!
Kimberly Eve said…
Me too! I hope you love the movie, Laura. Thanks for commenting :)
Anonymous said…
I have seen the film and without giving away the whole caboodle, it's quite long (2 1/2 hours!) but well worth watching.
Kimberly Eve said…
Hi Anonymous,
A long film but hopefully entertaining. Thanks for commenting.
Kevin Marsh said…
Hello Kimberly,

Not seen it yet but am looking forward to a first class job by Mr Spall.
Friends who have seen it return mixed reviews.
Definitely a film worth experiencing me thinks.
Kimberly Eve said…
Oh yes, I loved him in Secrets and Lies as well. Turner should be a good time all around... I hope ;)
So excited. I got chills looking at that movie vid!!!!!! OMG! Thank you.

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