An encore performance of "Muse" in NYC!

Teaser trailer video with excerpts of Muse performed by Kris Lundberg and Greg Pagel

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, I will be going to St. Anne and Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn Heights, NY, to see an encore performance of  "Muse"!  Hurrah!  I just wanted to post the details here to help spread the word of how much I am in love with this play. To anyone who is in New York City and other boroughs, please do not hesitate to see "Muse". I promise you will enjoy it and come out smiling.  Also, the setting for "Muse" is going to be in a gorgeous Victorian church, St. Ann and Holy Trinity.  They have beautiful stained glass windows which I can't wait to see for myself and a space big enough to seat at least four hundred people!  

St. Ann and Holy Trinity was built in 1844. I found this beautiful photo from 1865,  ----->

So, please click on the following links for more information and if you have seen "Muse", please feel free to leave a  comment. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!  

"Muse" is brought to you partly by this organization,  Shakespeare's Sister Company 

For further details about this Friday's performance and to purchase tickets, Muse Encore Performance 

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