Currently Reading: Over The Hills And Far Away: The Life Of Beatrix Potter by Matthew Dennison

 US Publication Edition - Advanced Reading Copy
Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: April 4th 2017 by Pegasus Books 
ISBN 1681773503
Beatrix Potter is one of the world's bestselling, most cherished authors, whose books have enchanted generations of children for over a hundred years. Yet how she achieved this legendary status is just one of several stories of Beatrix Potter's remarkable and unexpected life. 
Inspired by the twenty-three 'tales', Matthew Dennison takes a selection of quotations from Potter's stories and uses them to explore her multi-faceted life and character: repressed Victorian daughter; thwarted lover; artistic genius; formidable countrywoman. They chart her transformation from a young girl with a love of animals and fairy tales into a bestselling author and canny businesswoman, so deeply unusual for the Victorian era in which she grew up. 

Embellished with photographs of Potter's life and her own illustrations, this short biography will delight anyone who has been touched by Beatrix Potter's work.

 UK Hardcover Edition
Published October 6, 2016
Head of Zeus Publishing

You can expect a full review soon. I am enjoying reading 'Over the Hills and Far Away' immensely. Personally, I prefer the above US cover but to each his own, as the saying goes!  


Hels said…
I agree that this short biography will delight anyone who has been touched by Beatrix Potter's work. The photos Potter's life and particularly her own illustrations take me right back to primary school!

But there was a sadness in Potter's life that resonates over the decades. No worse than other women of her family background of course, but limited by societal or family expectations at every turn. She was a courageous, talented woman.

Thanks for the link
Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to your review. Happy New Year and all the best!

- Enough of this Tomfoolery