Synopsis of Cutting the Gordian Knot by Kevin Marsh

Author, Kevin Marsh has revealed the synopsis to his upcoming third book in his Torc Trilogy series, Cutting the Gordian Knot and I for one am so excited.

From the Author:
I am pleased to reveal the synopsis of the final book in The Torc Trilogy. 
I will be revealing the meaning behind the title in another blog soon. 
Please note; this book is not yet available for purchase.

Two months after their disastrous holiday, Orlagh and Jerry are at home in Ireland recovering from their terrifying ordeal.

The Belgae Torc is at last on display at the National Museum and Orlagh is under increasing pressure to divide her time between her work at the museum and heading up an archaeological dig in County Meath.  She is convinced that an ancient battle between Iron Age tribes took place here and is determined to prove her theory, but as archaeologists begin to unearth the truth, they are faced with some unexpected surprises.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Jack Harrington is making discoveries of his own and finds himself juggling personal and professional commitments.  His organisation is still recovering from recent events in the Mediterranean and is loathed to be drawn into another deadly conflict, but like it or not, there are unresolved issues that cannot be avoided.

The Phoenix Legion is about to implement the final phase of its master plan and this time Schiffer is convinced that nothing can stop him from realising his goal.

With the past merging with the present, the elements of a deadly conclusion are finally coming together.  Will history repeat itself or can another worldwide catastrophe be avoided?   

Stay tuned for more...


Kevin Marsh said…
Hello Kimberly.

Thank you for sharing this on your blog.
Very much appreciated.