For My Best Beloved Sister Mia: An Album of Photographs by Julia Margaret Cameron

Maria Jackson (nee Pattle) (1818-1892) 
This is Julia Maraget Cameron's sister Mia.
This photographis not in The Mia Album.

I am now the proud owner of The Mia Album. Once it arrived and I looked through it, I couldn't stop smiling. I just had to share some of the photographs of Julia Margaret Cameron herself along with her sons, and others. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! First of course, a little brief history...

Mia (Maria) Jackson was one of the three Pattle sisters (Julia Margaret Cameron was born Julia Margaret Pattle). Her descendants are perhaps most notable. For instance, her grandchildren included: Gerald Duckworth, the publisher, Vanessa Bell, the painter, and Virginia Woolf, the writer. 

In 1863 Julia Margaret Cameron gave her sister Mia a photograph album. It was bound in green leather. On the front were mounted the letters MIA in brass.
This album contains works by Julia Margaret Cameron as well as her friend, photographer Oscar Gustave Rejlander (1813-1875). Rejlander started his career as a portrait-painter in Rome. In 1852 he moved to England, settling in Lincoln. He took lessons in photographic technique in 1853 and opened a studio in Wolverhampton in 1855. His work was admired by both Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll to whom he assisted upon their request. 

You will also see photographs by Lord Somers who was Charles Somers-Cocks, Viscount Eastnor, 3rd Earl Somers. He was married to Virginia Pattle, one of Mrs. Cameron's sisters.  As a young boy he wanted to be a painter. His mother wasn't having it so he decided upon photography instead. He eventually became Vice President of the Photographic Society of London. Lord Somers was brother-in-law to Julia Margaret Cameron and he was instrumental in helping her stage several of her photographic exhibitions. For six years he was a Member of Parliament and a Lord in waiting to Queen Victoria.

Inscription The Mia Album in Julia Margaret Cameron's handwriting

At the Well by Oscar Gustave Rejlander, 1864.
Taken at Dimbola, Freshwater. The group includes Julia's son Hardinge Hay Cameron
standing far left against the ladder. 
The Alderson sisters, Dimbola staff and maids standing to the right.
 Mrs. Cameron (Julia Margaret in black shawl) and her staff receiving letters from the postman
by Lord Somers (attributed) 1863-5
Mary Ryan is second to the left of Julia Margaret Cameron.

Mrs. Cameron(far left wearing black shawl) and her maids
receiving letters from the postman by Lord Somers (attributed)
1863-5, Freshwater. 
Mary Ryan is standing far right smiling directly into camera

 Julia Margaret Cameron's grandmother, Madame de l'Etang in old age
Reproduction of a drawing by G.F. Watts. Unknown date.
 Julia Margaret Cameron's sons Charles and Henry Cameron by Lord Somers (attributed)
 Left to Right: Julia's son Henry Herschel Hay cameron, Arthur Prinsep(?), Julia's son Charles Hay Cameron, and Valentine Prinsep (painter) by unknown photographer possibly Lord Somers, 1860. 
Val and Arthur were the second and third sons of Thoby and Sarah Prinsep. Val was later to become a painter and writer. Arthur became a general in the Bengal Cavalry.

 Mrs. Cameron (Julia Margaret) receives a salute from her son Henry Herschel Hay Cameron,
 Freshwater, 1863-5, by Oscar Rejlander or Lord Somers

 Virginia Dalyrimple by O.G. Rejlander or Lewis Carroll, 1860-3
Virginia was the daughter of Sophia,Mrs. Cameron's youngest sister and Sir John Dalyrimple.
She later married Sir Francis Champneys.

My Cameron Clan by Lord Somers (attributed), 1863-5. 
Left to Right: Julia's four sons-Charles, Ewen, Hardinge and Henry Hay Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron's sons, Henry and Charles Cameron, 1860, unknown photographer, possibly Lord Somers.


Rubaskala said…
Have just viewed them exciting Cameron exhibition at the V&A worth seeing
Hels said…
I didn't remember that Pattle eventually became Vice President of the Photographic Society of London. What a great position he was in to be able to help her set up some of her photographic exhibitions.

And it is always useful to have a close relative who is a Member of Parliament :)
Kevin Marsh said…
Hello Kimberly,

Such fantastic photographs.
The character in my next book is called Mia.
Kimberly Eve said…
Thank you all for your comments and for stopping by my blog.
I am so glad you enjoyed the photos.

Hels, I agree. It sure helps to have friends in high places!

Kevin, I can't wait to buy and read your next book :)
Ruth Butler said…
Love the blog & the photo's. Researching the Pattles: Ancestors & descendants. A fascinating family. Ruth
Kimberly Eve said…
Hi Ruth,
How wonderful to have you here. Thank you so much for your kind words. Oh, I would love to know more about your research regarding The Pattle Family. Lots to cover and discover. Happy Research. Please do keep in touch and best of luck with it all! :)