Happy World Book Day!

Now, today is World Book Day a day dedicted to reading, literature, books, childhood. So, here is my first post dedicated to it.  I wanted to concentrate on my favorite books I loved as a child. For the first ten years of my childhood, these were my friends and still are:

and then there was a very special rabbit by the name of Peter

and one very special little girl who wanted adventure and found it!

Of course, these beautiful stories all led me to discover the beautiful poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson of The Freshwater Circle.

Far-Far-Away by Alfred Lord Tennyson
What sight so lured him thro' the fields he knew
As where earth's green stole into heaven's own hue,

What sound was dearest in his native dells?
The mellow lin-lan-lone of evening bells

What vague world-whisper, mystic pain or joy,
Thro' those three words would haunt him when a boy,

A whisper from his dawn of life? a breath
From some fair dawn beyond the doors of death

Far, far, how far? from o'er the gates of birth,
The faint horizons, all the bounds of earth,

What charm in words, a charm no words could give?
O dying words, can Music make you live

 Nineteenth century pioneer photographer Julia Margaret Cameron


Kevin Marsh said…
Books are truly magnificent things.
Reading is a gift that everyone should be able to enjoy, because there is so much joy and stimulation to be had from reading a good book.

Thank you for sharing these magnificent photographs and illustrations.
Kimberly Eve said…
Hi Kevin,
I know. What fun World Book Day is. Thank goodness for books. I can't imagine not reading every day.
Thanks so much for commenting.
WoofWoof said…
Thanks for quoting that beautiful poem Far far away.
Kimberly Eve said…
You're welcome WoofWoof, its one of my very favorites!