Simply the Beauty of the paintings of George Sheridan Knowles (British, 1863–1931)

Painter in oil and watercolor of genre and historical subjects. Born in Manchester on 25th November 1863. Studied at Manchester School of Art, and at the Royal Academy Schools in 1884. Exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1885. Elected R.B.A. in 1889, and R.I. in 1892. Represented in several public collections. Lived in London and died on 15th March 1931.
R.B.A.: Royal Society of British Artists
R.I.: Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours
Biographical source: Grant M. Waters, 'Dictionary of British Artists Working 1900-1950'.

 George Sheridan Knowles Glasgerion 1897 Glasgerion - was based upon the following:
DESCRIPTION: The king's daughter declares her love for Glasgerion and invites him to her bed. He tells his servant of the tryst. The boy sneaks in in his stead. When the lady learns this, she kills herself. Glasgerion kills the lad, (then himself)
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: nightvisit love sex betrayal death suicide homicide trick
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland,Wales)
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The Belle of the Village by George Sheridan Knowles 
 Seeking Sanctuary by George Sheridan Knowles - Date unknown

 "Glasgerion" signed and dated 1892; signed and inscribed on exhibition label verso, watercolor, 

 George Sheridan Knowles

Page and monarch forth they went,
 forth they went together,
through the rude wind's wild lament,
 and the bitter weather, 1898

 George Sheridan Knowles

Safe at last

The love letter by  George Sheridan Knowles

George Sheridan Knowles

The troubadour


Hels said…
Thank you for these paintings. I don't know much about Knowles but he was definitely a product of his own Victorian age. Sentimental, romantic, even melodramatic; sometimes contemporary and sometimes historic.

Did he paint into the new century? Did his style change in the Edwardian era and during WW1?
Kimberly Eve said…
Thanks for commenting. There is not much recorded information about his life. However, his last recorded painting was done in 1914. Based on the paintings I've seen, it is only my opinion that his style did not change drastically at all. You could still label him sentimental and romantic; just like me :)
Kevin Marsh said…
Mr Knowles, quite unknown but an accomplished artist all the same. Some beautiful paintings that are as you say, typical of his time.

Thank you for sharing.

Kimberly Eve said…
Hi Kevin,
Yes, typically beautiful :)