To Color or not To Color that is the question...or something along those lines!

Recently, I have seen online numerous 19th century albumen and vintage style photographs newly tinted or colorized in relation to various online projects usually media themed.  Sometimes, I enjoy looking at the colorized versions and sometimes not. I believe, to each his own but I am torn on this topic. Part of me believes you should not tamper with images of the past but with software programs and the medium of photography it has become ever so easy to let our imaginations run wild and our curiosity gets the best of us. So, I will leave it to the eye of the beholder...

Here are two of my favorite artists whose images have recently been tinted into colorized versions!!   Alfred Lord Tennyson and Julia Margaret Cameron (nee Pattle).

Alfred Tennyson - The Dirty Monk by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1865

Julia's son, Henry Herschel Hay Cameron's portrait of his mother, photographer Julia Margaret Cameron (1870). 

To read an intelligent viewpoint on Mrs. Cameron's colorized photo visit his blog site, The Julia Secession

For the website of the woman who colorized numerous photographs,