Julia Margaret Cameron discovered at MOMA!

So, there I was with a free pass in hand for MOMA- (The Museum of Modern Art) -- (thank you Debbie) walking through this beautiful building with a friend of mine in search of Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso paintings. I have seen the Van Gogh's though another excuse to gaze upon perfection is always required. My friend wanted to see the Monet's which are spectacular. Two of his wall canvases of water lilies...beauty and perfection personified. Anyay, there we were walking floor by floor when we saw a photography exhibit featuring the work of Edward Steichen. I had to go in. Am I glad I did. In the first room sat two small photographs; sepia in color and soft in focus.  The first one I did not recognize but the second one I immediately did! My friend was talking away as we approached and I had to apologetically say, 'I'm sorry but I must look at those Cameron photos and I can't focus any longer on what you're saying'!  We laughed and those around us looked at me strangely which I'm accustomed to. I don't care. Two twenty something year old's hovered around both Cameron photos as I glared at them they moved away to let the loud short large woman through!  Yes, me!

 "Mrs. Cameron is making endless Madonnas and May Queens and Foolish Virgins and Wise Virgins and I know not what besides. It really is wonderful how she puts her spirit into people". Lady Emily Tennyson in a letter to Edward Lear

 Madonna with Child by Julia Margaret Cameron  1864 Albumen silver print MOMA

Untitled (Mary Ryan?) by Julia Margaret Cameron 1867 Albumen silver print MOMA

Although, the sitter in the photo on the right is believed to be Mary Ryan, I am going out on a limb to say that it does not look like the other photographs taken of Mary Ryan by Julia Margaret Cameron. I do not believe it is her but another unidentified woman whom Mrs. Cameron knew. Possibly a part of her staff who worked at Dimbola. The features do not match. Check it out for yourself and form your own opinion in Bob Cotton's blog site,  The Julia Secession


Kevin Marsh said…
Anonymous or otherwise, she is still a very striking woman.
Kimberly Eve said…
Yes, I must agree. Thanks for commenting, Kevin!