Upcoming Exhibition: Ellen Terry: The Painter's Actress (10 June to 9 November 2014) Watts Gallery, UK

Watts Gallery a museum in the heart of Surrey in England is the location of this Ellen Terry exhibit. The gallery was built upon the request of the artist himself, G.F. Watts to serve as a work space for fellow artists. G.F. Watts was the husband of a young teenage British nineteenth century theatre actress Ellen Terry who is depicted in Watts' painting above, 'choosing.'  The gallery describes this exhibit, 'Ellen Terry: The Painter’s Actress will be the first exhibition to explore how the influence of Britain’s most famous Victorian actress reached beyond the stage to inspire generations of visual artists. Bringing together paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and film – including material rarely or never previously exhibited – the show will trace Ellen Terry’s journey from emerging teenage starlet to cultural icon.' I wish they would have decided upon a more apt exhibition title. I mean she was so much more than 'The Painter's Actress' unless of course you are referring only to her years as Mrs. Watts!  Not only will this exhibit be at Watts Gallery it is also happening as part of The Guildford Summer Festival.

For more exhibit information,  Watts Gallery

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Watts Gallery 

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Kevin Marsh said…
Hello Kimberly,

She is very young in the painting. I will have to visit her house again as we were there some years ago. Its not far from where we live, 30 miles or so, in the lovely country town of Tenterden.
Kimberly Eve said…
Hi Kevin,

Ellen Terry was just seventeen when she married G.F. Watts and that painting of his depicts her at that time wearing her brown wedding dress. As far as I know, the painting was hanging on the wall when Ellen Terry lived at her house but whether or not it is there now, I don't know. Thank you so much for commenting.