Tennyson's Poems Illustrated is mine all mine!

There has been one illustrated version of The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson that I've wanted for quite some time now. It is available on ebay for under fifty dollars even though several versions were published between 1882-5. So, I don't know if it falls under the 'rare book' category but it is nineteenth-century, so I'm putting it in that category!

Thank you to my friend Gwendolyn for letting me know that in my neighborhood a second hand book store had a hardcover version of Tennyon's Poems Illustrated. Needless to say, I ran over there as soon as I could and in the window stood proudly the 1882 U.S. edition by G.W. Borland and Co.  Some of the illustrations of Tennyson poems include:  Lady of Shalott illustrated by William Holman, Sir Galahad and The Palace of Art illustrated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and numerous illustrations of Sir John Everett Millais but my very favorite is for the poem Locksley Hall.
I never imagined I would own this edition and my rare book collection is off to a very good start!

The Palace of Art illustration by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1857

The Lady of Shalott illustrated by William Holman-Hunt 1857

Sir Galahad illustrated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1857

Locksley Hall by Sir John Everett Millais 1857

The Millers Daughter beautifully illustrated though I don't know by whom! 

just me doing some light reading! 


Kevin Marsh said…
Beautiful illustrations and poems.
I bet your books feel and smell great, all that history. Just spare a thought for all those unknown people who have enjoyed your books.
Keep them well for future generations.
Oh my! What a gorgeous book, lucky you. I think it is pretty rare, I have only seen it for sale here in England at online antique book sellers. That portrait of The Lady Of Shalott by Holman-Hunt is one of my all time favourites. I did not realise it was in this book.
Kimberly Eve said…
Don't worry Kevin I'll take the best care of my books. I often think how many people's fingers have gently caressed each page!

Oh, thank you Mrs.Black. I do feel and know how very lucky I am. I can't stop reading it and just holding it. The pages are gorgeous and the book overall is in very good condition! I agree about The Lady of Shalott; Holman-Hunt truly captured her!
Laura Morrigan said…
Tennyson with Pre-Raphaelite illustrations for under $50! Swoon! I would love that, and a paperback copy for everyday reading! I have an old (but probably not more than 100 years old or less) copy of Byron's poems with the spine taped together with silver tape that I found at a bookstore run by punks, but I don't really dare take it places to read, as it is precious to me, despite the dodgy condition. I am currently reading the poems on kindle instead, which is kind of funny, I know.
Kimberly Eve said…
Byron's poems what a great find! Thanks for commenting, Laura :)