Happy Discoveries!

There are twenty-four volumes of The Collected Works of William Morris. In reading through, skimming really for images, paintings, historical references, I've found a few...well let's say...happy discoveries and here they are!!

Edward Burne-Jones 1896 by Frederick Hollyer found in The Collected Works of William Morris with introductions by his daughter May Morris Volume XX The Water of the Wondrous Isles 1913 edition.
William Morris drawing of his wife Jane Morris nee Burden
 "The portrait of my mother is a little pencil drawing, done in 1858-in the Oxford courting days. My mother says it was a study for the picture of "La Belle Iseult." Mr.Emery Walker has reproduced it admirably, for the original had been lying about, folded in two-across the face-and was altogether in a very unpromising condition." May Morris, daughter of William and Jane Morris, quoted in The Collected Works of William Morris: The Life and Death of Jason Volume II 1910 edition. Housed at British Museum.