Fallen In Love: the secret heart of Anne Boleyn

Theatrical trailer for a new UK based play entitled, 'Fallen In Love' the secret heart of Anne Boleyn.

The year is 1536. The woman who changed the world forever by capturing the heart of a King, faces trial with her brother George on charges of adultery, incest and treason.

Witness a nation irreversibly transformed as the most passionate and decisive events of England’s history unfold in the tense and treacherous crucible of the royal court.

This passionate story of betrayal and jealousy shows us the true heart of Queen Anne Boleyn, revealing at last the secret of her greatest love.

Historian and Author, Alison Weir attended the opening night and said, "If you go to see only one play this year, make it this one! Tudor history buffs and anyone fascinated by Anne Boleyn and her relationship with her brother George should make every effort to see this exceptional and brilliantly staged portrayal by Red Rose Chain, featuring two highly talented and charismatic actors, Fleur Keith and Joseph Pitcher. I cannot commend Fallen in Love highly enough. This is theatre at its best, and history transformed into drama with the highest integrity. Never have I seen such a convincing - or compelling - portrayal of Anne and George Boleyn. The interaction between these two superb young actors is dynamic. The script is masterful, incorporating sound research with evocative insights into the culture of the Tudor age, and delivering its complex subject matter entertainingly and vividly. History is rarely brought to life so hauntingly. The acting is a joy, the setting delightful and the costumes excellent. All in all, an outstanding production".

"FALLEN IN LOVE", a new play by Joanna Carrick, at Gippeswyk Hall, Ipswich,(UK) from 10th May to 5th June. For further details and to book tickets, red rose chain

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