Secret Marriage of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

25 January 1533 is one of the dates of a secret marriage between Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn.
There is not much historical record or documentation clarifying the exact date or providing much information at all. Instead of doing a blog post with said information I am doing the following:

In honor of the wedding anniversary of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn, I am sharing a brief historical part of a chapter I've written in my upcoming novel. I am writing a Tudor themed time slip novel. Here is how I imagine Henry and Anne to be i.e. a young, newly married, much in love, couple who happen to be King and Queen of England.

Anne waited for her husband in her bedchamber all the while wondering just what the devil he was up to this time! He had been in a rather jovial mood all morning and hardly slept a wink all night. Anne blushed thinking of her and Henry coupling last night and as thoughts of Henry’s well toned, muscled, naked body ran through her mind, the heavy oak door swung open frightening Anne as she turned sternly about the room ready to chastise whomever dare disturb her.
“Oh, hello husband. You did frighten me so. Where have you been? You know I hate being away from you!” Anne cooed to Henry. Henry made his way towards her leading a procession of about six men behind him. His privy council no doubt. “My word whatever is that Henry? Oh, Henry tapestries” Anne could not abide surprises unless it was jewelry.
“Now, Anne, hold your tongue until you see what I have for you” Henry walked over to his newly married wife holding he elbows and gently moving her to the corner of the room making way for his staff.
“Now men, I want you to put this tapestry up on that wall away from the sunlight but facing my bed” Henry instructed. “Yes, your majesty” answered the king’s staff.
Henry walked over to Anne and stood next to her as they both watched the tapestry being slid across an oak bar and hoisted up on to the main wall and fastened upon heavy metal hooks. The workmen turned to the king awaiting his next instruction.
Henry’s arms crossed in front of him against his chest walking in front of the tapestry looking at it from every angle as the sunlight illuminated his flaming ginger hair his blue eyes sparkling his 6’3 lanky frame towering over every person in the room. Henry smiled nodded yes to the men giving his approval and waving his hand motioning them out of the room. The heavy solid oak chamber door thundering closed behind them leaving Henry and Anne in the room standing in front of a tapestry.
“My darling Anne whom I love more than the sun in the sky and the stars in the heavens, I have commissioned two tapestries be made for you as a wedding present commemorating our abiding love. Do you like it?” Henry asked Anne. Anne completely surprised stood stock still next to Henry and could not utter a word she just shook her head in a no direction both hands covering her mouth and when Henry looked closer at her he noticed there were tears streaming uncontrollably down her face. He waited for her to spteak. He waited several minutes until finally Anne said, “My sweet husband, I do not know what to say; that you would do this for me, nobody has ever expressed such devotion for me. You have finally done it Henry, I am at a loss for words, I am truly gobsmacked” Henry smiling, beaming actually, hugged his wife tightly rubbing her back and loosening her tight bun and watching her long wavy black hair fall out cascading down her shoulders as she tried tieing it back up but Henry stopped her, “Anne, no leave your hair out, leave it down for me darling. You are so beautiful”.
“Henry it is the middle of the day, it is unheard of, what if the privy council enter the room or my ladies, what will people think? No, No, I cannot” Anne lifted her arms behind her head but Henry still smiling gently bringing down by her sides, rubbing her upper arms tenderly reminding her, “Darling we can do as we like, we are the King and Queen of England remember?” they both broke out in laughter Anne agreeing with her husband saying, “You are right Henry, who cares what people think. Now, please tell me what this tapestry means? What exactly does it represent?”
“I’m so glad you asked” Henry explained that the tapestry was entitled, “The Unicorn Defends Himself” and you can see Anne that in the tapestry there is a hunting scene in a forest near a garden and the unicorn is being hunted by a nobleman because it is the rarest and most beautiful creature he has ever seen. The unicorn as you know represents innocence and purity of heart. You’ll notice Anne that the hunter is holding a sword and the inscription on the sword reads, Ave Regina Coelurna which in English means; Anne interrupts Henry giving him the English translation of ‘hail queen of the heavens’. Yes, my darling, Henry impressed by his wife’s intelligence proudly answers of course.
“So, Henry, you have had a tapestry commissioned for our wedding depicting a hunting scene where you are the hunter and I am the hunted, the noblest of prizes, the rare and beautiful unicorn, me right?” Anne stood there in front of the tapestry her face no longer tear stained in disbelief because she could not get over how beautiful the tapestry was and it was completely Henry’s taste. It is exactly what he would do she thought to herself and started laughing outloud actually doubling over with laughter. All the while Henry was not sure what to make of his wife’s reaction.
“Anne, have you gone mad? Don’t you like it? Love, are you mocking me? I thought you would appreciate the gesture, the symbolism of our love. I see I was wrong” Henry stood there in shock and disbelief turning his back to his wife.
Anne her stomach aching from laughter, quickly composed herself when she realized that Henry had misunderstood her reaction and was genuinely hurt. She rushed over to Henry walking in front of him grabbing his face in her hands saying, “my darling husband, don’t you see how much I love you and this beautiful tapestry. My henry, I only laughed because the shock of such a grand gesture surprised me so, no one has ever done this for me besides look at it Henry, it is you! Tis a bloody hunting scene husband, you in command giving chase in search of beauty and purity. My darling you have me, always and forever, fear nothing ever separating us ever. I am yours utterly and proudly. I love you ever so much” Anne let go of her husband’s face as he picked her up in his arms swinging her about the room until they both got dizzy.
“Anne, that’s wonderful. Follow me. He took her hand opening the door to Anne’s bedroom chamber, calling for his men to bring in the next tapestry. The one for Queen Anne. Bring it hee now!”.
“Husband, what have you done now? What are we doing in here? Don’t tell me I have one of my own as well. Oh Henry, how I love you”. Just then, six workmen came in placing another tapestry on the wall adjacent to Anne’s bed hidden away from the sunlight as well.
Anne surpressing her laughter not wanting to cause offense stood next to Henry observing the tapestry. There against the wall was another unicorn tapestry. This one easy to depict its meaning. A lone unicorn sitting in a lush green grden looking rather content and relaxed even though there is a fence surrounding it fencing it in. The Unicorn Is Captured.
“So what do you think?” Henry asked his wife.
“I love it Henry, I really do. Thank you my darling. Every time I look at it I will know how much you love me. Henry, I have some news to tell you. I’ve been waiting for the right time and I only just had it confirmed this morning and well these tapestries caught me off guard” Anne stood there looking at Henry.
“Anne tell me what is it? I know you haven’t been feeling well. You’re not going to faint again? I will fetch the physician if you need” Henry was nervous talking quicly when Anne stopped him and said, “No darling, I am with child that is all. Thought you would want to know”. Anne said.
Henry knelt down kissing her still flattened stomach softly over her embroidered dress standing up taking her in his arms kissing her passionately holding her close to him.
“Careful Henry or you will crush the baby” Anne chided him. Henry stepped back nervously.
“Do not worry love, I am a lot stronger than that. I feel fine really. Are you happy Henry, truly happy then? Anne asked already knowing the answer still needing reassurance. Henry called his men back into the room announcing Anne’s pregnancy and ordering another tapestry to be commissioned.
“I want you to go back to the Netherlands with my specific orders for another tapestry depicting the birth of our son. Keep the unicorn garden theme I will leave the depiction up to the weaver but I want initials added to the tapestry forming a cross and the initials shall be A representing Anne and E for our soon to be son Edward. The A and E shall be entwined together as in a vine. Wrap it accordingly. When it is ready upon my approval it shall hang in the nursery” Henry explained ordering his men out of the room

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Anonymous said…
Well done! gigigirl
Kimberly Eve said…
Thanks gigigirl. Glad you enjoyed it!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous! The characters the way you write them just jump out at you! I can totally picture the reality this could have been!

Kimberly Eve said…
Hi D and thanks so much for commenting.
I appreciate it.
Thank you so much for your kind words
and honest reaction. This is what a writer hopes for! I can tell you, that when I write, I can see and hear my characters and my surroundings.
I am merely the conduit!
Robert Parry said…
Nice work, Kimberly!
Are these the tapestries now in the Cloisters museum in New York? Once owned by John D. Rockerfeller Jn?
Kimberly Eve said…
Thanks Robert! Yes, they are The Unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters Museum donated by
John D. Rockefeller Jr. himself!
As a matter of fact, if you'd like to see them take a look at my facebook photos my album's there from my visit last year on the anniversary of Anne Boleyn's execution!